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On Solid Ground -- Friday 06 March, 2015

Explore new places in TerraDome2 with our brand new morph pack, Terra Firma.

Sail away up the Narrow Fjord or the Small careful not to fall into The Pit...And dare the lands surrounding the Skull Hill amd Mount Thunder.

With 12 new morphs included, there's a massive variety of new TerraDome2 vistas to uncover.

Happy rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Let There Be Light! -- Thursday 26 February, 2015
Rainbows......Volumetric Sunbeams......Lens Flares! All inside TerraDome2 without the need for postwork.

Add rainbows for your fae folk to dance under, or volumetric sunrays for that added touch of epic drama, or lens flares for an extra flourish.

Render all these useful effects straight inside TerraDome2, without the need to postwork them in afterwards, giving you a far greater degree of control over positioning and appearance.

Check out this exciting new product at our RuntimeDNA store only.

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Latest News
Brave New Worlds... -- Friday 30 January, 2015
There's big things going on at RuntimeDNA, and it doesn't get much bigger than a whole world!

TerraDome2 is a revolutionary landscape system for Poser. It features a 360 skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky. With fast rendering atmospheres and water, realistic hills and mountains, creating realistic outside environments and daylight rendering has never been easier. Every aspect of the classic Terradome system has been expanded, refined, rebuilt, and reimagined. No aspect of the original system was left untouched.

In addition, there are a number of add-ons to enhance your scenic renders:

TerraLuna2. Bring atmospheric moons to your scene. This new version now has two moons, for fantasy and sci-fi renders, or you can use just one, for more traditional landscapes. Both moons cast their own light, ensuring your light and shadows are exactly where they should be.

Northern Lights. Bring the magic of the Aurora Borealis direct to your Poser. With twenty different aurora displays to choose from, the entrancing effects of the polar lights are at your fingertips.

Ride The Lightning. There's a storm coming! Add lightning direct to your renders in TerraDome2, without the need to try and fit it seamlessly in postwork. Twenty different lightning strikes will have you feeling like an ancient god in no time!

Happy Rendering,
Andrew and Tracey :)
Last Man Stan (-ding) -- Saturday 17 January, 2015

A happy new year to all. We hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

To get ourselves into the groove for this bright young new year, we've got a little somethiong for Stan, everybodys favourite clown.

STANding Out is a brand new FREE fun face for the ol' chap, and adds another facet to his already impressive selection of faces. Download this new face from our Poser6+ Freestuff section.

Happy Rendering 2015
Tracey and Andrew :)
Happy New Year 2015 -- Thursday 01 January, 2015

We'd both like to wish you all a Safe and Peaceful New Year.

We have lots of exciting new things on the way for 2015, so watch this space for details as the year goes on. It's going to be a creative year!

Andrew and Tracey
January 1st 2015
Merry Mortem Christmas -- Monday 22 December, 2014
We would both like to wish you all a very Merry Mortem Christmas 2014.

Here's looking forward to a creative 2015, and we look forward to seeing you all on the journey of artistic development.

Happy Christmas Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
SceneScapes X6 - Castle Creator -- Tuesday 02 December, 2014
The newest addit5ion to the SceneScapes modular buildings range is now in store. SceneScapes X6 - Castle Creator gives you customisable castles at your fingertips. 33 Elements that can all be positioned with millimetre accuracy provide an almost endless array of possibilities. With features such as Tower, gatehouse, Drawbridge and even a morphing moat you can create scenes as big or small as you need.

Have a look around this product in the User guide here in our User Guides freestuff Section.

We've also made a short video, SceneScapes Castle Creator

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey :)
Rise Of The Nobility -- Thursday 20 November, 2014
Mortem Vetus brings you.. The First in our Nobility Collection.....Maxwell for Michael 4

No Sparkles or Tamepires....Just one hellavu mesmerizing Lost Boy ..

Now you know what we are, now you know what you are.
You'll never grow old,and you'll never die.

But you must feed!

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Last Man Standing - The RDNA Annual Sale -- Saturday 08 November, 2014
Are you ready to RUMMBBLLLLLLLLE?!?!

It's that time of year again ...The Annual RuntimeDNA Sale! And there's savings galore to be had this year, across the board, on some of the most imaginative and most unique products anywhere in the Poserverse!!

Save 50-60% on all eligible products throughout the store! The best products at the best price!

But hurry, these offers won't last forever, so bag a bargain today!

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey :)
Zombie Apocalypse -- Friday 10 October, 2014
Halloween is here, and so is the zombie apocalypse! Out NOW at RuntimeDNA, the Z-Pocalypse is everything you need to conduct your own end of the world!

There are three huge new products for this theme, plus two enormous freebies.

Dead Meat is the Zombies. Skins, morphs, clothing and more, for M4 and V4, this is your very own zombie horde, all in your runtime, ready to terrorise all your normal Vickies and Michaels!

Grave Expectations has 160 poses for M4 and V4 as well as a morphing Grave Plot, which contains individual and specific norphs for the 48 poses that interact with it, for zombies unearthing themselves.

Once they've unearthed themselves, Eaters is a pack of 120 zombie and victim poses, to depict your undead horde wreaking havoc on the world and eating everything living in their path.

We've teamed up with IslandGirl to bring you this massive release, and while the whole thing has taken a very long time to complete, it has been mega fun working with Lora-Ly and we plan to do it again, often. :)

Happy Halloween 2014
Andrew and Tracey and Lora-Ly :)
The Darker Side Of Fairies -- Tuesday 23 September, 2014
Traditionally, fairies are creatures associated with mischief and malice rather than the bright sparkly things they've become in modern times. Having been driven into hiding by encroaching humans, they seek to wreak what small revenge as they can.

MortemVetus are very proud to present our take on the traditional interpretation of fae-folk with the Dark Fae Wings, a unique and distinctive set of wings for all your mischievous wee folk, and we mean all as this set comes with version for M4, V4 and K4. Fully poseable, with additional shape and style morphs as well as a selection of MAT poses, these wings are perfect for exploring the darker side of folklore.

And for perfectly matching poses to compliment these wings, IslandGirl presents Sluagh, to help your dark fairies take flight in their pursuit of mischief.

Now it's full speed ahead for Halloween, so watch this space for gruesome Halloween accessories news over the next few weeks.

Happy Rendering,
Andrew and Tracey. :)
Immortalis -- Friday 22 August, 2014
Out now, Immortalis, a quirky prop set in our own distinct style.

Included with this set, we've got a carved stone casket, a Mummy, 5 canopic jars props, 15 MAT poses and 14 positioning poses.

Perfect for a dusty old forgotten tomb, or maybe encasing a damned soul, whose torment is reflected in the unique lid carving.

Out Now at RuntimeDNA

Happy Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
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