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All change!! -- Tuesday 08 March, 2016
As many of you will no doubt be aware, RuntimeDNA is closing it's doors. We have been exclusive there, and since they are merging with Daz, we will be following the migration.

This is in process at the moment, and should be complete in the next few weeks.

We are also doing a major site overhaul, which is going to see a change in every aspect of the site. We have a lot of exciting new shinies coming your way!

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey.
Facial A-Hairness -- Friday 22 January, 2016
We're very proud to present our first pack of 2016, Facial A-Hairness.

This is a set of nine different fuzzy faced face props for Michael4. Included are four full beards, 3 goatees, and two sideburns. This set has been created to primarily compliment our various more rugged characters, and comes with over a dozen character fits, as well as some useful style morphs.

This pack is now available, exclusively at RuntimeDNA

Have a look round this pack by downloading the html User Guide from our User Guides Section

Happy hairy rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Latest News
New Year, New Horizons -- Friday 01 January, 2016
We'd like to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and safe New Year.

This year we have some big plans afoot, the first of which is that our art is now available on clothing, cases, mugs, and a whole lot more, at our Mortem Merchandise Store.

We've also got a couple of other things quietly simmering in the background, more about that when they're ready. ;)

Thank you again to everyone for your support over the last year, and here's to 2016 being better than ever.

Happy 2016 rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Annual Sale at RuntimeDNA! -- Saturday 07 November, 2015
Time flies when you're having fun! It doesn't seem like a year, but it's that time again, the RuntimeDNA Annual Sale...we've been SO busy for the last 12 months that it's really crept up and taken us by surprise.

Save a fantastic 50% on all items up to a year old, and a massive 60% on all items over a year old! There is no better time to treat your Runtime, at prices that just have to be seen.

Visit Our Store to see what's on sale now, and check back as more stuff will be added to the sale through the month.

Happy Rendering 2015
Andrew and Tracey
New Animation -- Saturday 31 October, 2015

We have a new video available to view. Watch it here, or visit our Mortem YouTube Channel or our new on-site Animations Section.
Halloween 2015 - Meet Betty! -- Sunday 25 October, 2015
It's our favourite time of year again, Halloween. And we've a couple of new things to delight and delect this year. :)

First out of the box was Lil Monsters, a fully featured clothing set for K4. This set comes with a baby gro that has 15 material options, plus a Sammy style hood for the horror buffs, as well as 14 head textures for K4. unleash these little devils into your runtime at your own peril!

Next up is the female counterpart to our iconic clown Stan...introducing his wife, Betty. She comes with a full default material, with 8 alternative head material options, 4 body materials, and 15 eye options. In addition, she also comes with an outfit that comprise a dress, sleeves, leggings, clown shoes and a Twisty style face mask. All the clothes come with multiple material options.

Also this Halloween, we've added a new video to our YouTube channel, featuring Stan and Betty together. Only a short one, but we had a whole lot of fun making it. We've also a new TerraDome2 video on the way, stay tuned for more details...

We've also updated our Friends 'N' Stuff section in the navigation menu which we hope makes things a little clearer to where everything goes.

Happy Halloween rendering 2015
Andrew and Tracey
East And West -- Friday 04 September, 2015

Our latest add-on for TerraDome2 is out now! Terra Firma 3 is a set of 12 FBM's split into 6 East and 6 West.

These morphs allow you to control one side or the other at a time, and when combined with existing morphs, create a stunning array of possibilities. Each side has six morphs, which while named the same, are not mirrors of each other. Create stunning valleys, lonely mountainsides and gradiated terrain with just these 12 morphs. Use other existing morphs to further expand the potential of your terrain.

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Enter The Hinterlands -- Wednesday 22 July, 2015
Dare you enter The Hinterlands at RuntimeDNA?

We're proud to present The Forestals which we've teamed up with IslandGirl again. This unique and distinctive set brings you intricately textured skin and tree accessories for all three Gen4 characters, M4, V4, K4plus a staggering 120 poses. Turn your Gen4 characters into something truly unique.

Also in the Hinterlands theme, we've also brought out Deam Arborum, the Goddess of the Trees. This set comes with 4 unique morphs for TerraDome2 as well as the unique Deam statue, which comes in 3 size variants.

And last but not least is Lumen Tenebris a self-illuminating candle, all gnarly and twisted and thorny....just how we like it. :)

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
Moorlands in TerraDome2 -- Wednesday 24 June, 2015

We're very proud to present our first materials pack for TerraDome2. TerraNova1 is a set of 12 moorland materials that simulate grassy materials. From lush verdant grass to patchy scrubland, these materials add some underfoot vegetation without the need of additional plant props.

We've also uploaded the User Guide for this product so you can have a look round it before you try it. :)

Happy Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
AtmosFears -- Sunday 24 May, 2015
We're proud to present our newest addition to the TerraDome2 range of addons, with AtmosFears, a set of 32 unique atmosphere effects to enhance your TerraDome2 renders.

Included in this pack are 32 unique, asymmetrical atmospheres, with creeping fogs, rollings mists and toxic clouds among others.

Get AtmosFears and all the other fantastic TerraDome2 Addons, only at RuntimeDNA.

Happy Terraforming
Andrew and Tracey
April Anniversaries -- Saturday 04 April, 2015
It's April again, which means it's time for our annual anniversaries sale.

This year, we are celebrating 5 years since we got together, 2 years since we combined into Mortem Vetus, and Tracey's 42nd birthday.

To celebrate all this, we've got our entire store on 50% off through the end of April....this also includes the two new products we had out today, Godwin and End Of The Line.

Happy Rendering, and here's to many more years and artistic endevours to come
Andrew and Tracey
On Solid Ground -- Friday 06 March, 2015

Explore new places in TerraDome2 with our brand new morph pack, Terra Firma.

Sail away up the Narrow Fjord or the Small careful not to fall into The Pit...And dare the lands surrounding the Skull Hill amd Mount Thunder.

With 12 new morphs included, there's a massive variety of new TerraDome2 vistas to uncover.

Happy rendering
Andrew and Tracey
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